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The purpose of this event is to promote & raise “Motorcycle Safety & Motorcycle Awareness” through education, enforcement and outreach to the community.  Hawaii Motorcycle Rally & Bagger Show will educate both Hawaii’s Riders and Drivers to make good safe sound decisions when sharing the roadways around Hawaii.


Our Goal is to prevent any future motorcycle fatalities in Hawaii by having riders obey traffic laws and by using common sense when riding.  Statics show that the number of motorcycle-related deaths on Hawaii’s roadways has risen in five of the last six years. Last year's total of 32 set a record for motorcycle fatalities in the state and Hawaii ranked No. 3 in the nation in motorcycle-related fatalities per capita last year.


Our Mission and Goal is to reduce those statics and bring Hawaii’s ranking down across the nation through educating riders and honor those who have fallen.

The Hawaii Motorcycle Rally & Bagger Show will draw the motorcycle industry, motorcycle enthusiasts, motorcycle clubs, independent motorcycle riders, and the general public as well as tourist to participate & attend this annual event. 


The Hawaii Motorcycle Rally & Bagger Show will give our sponsors & vendors that participates an opportunity to Brand & Market their services and products to the general public, and at the same time giving our sponsors & vendors the “Tri-Fecta” of networking opportunities, gaining leads and memberships and future clientele to better their businesses here in Hawaii.   


The Hawaii Motorcycle Rally & Bagger Show supports the these non-profit Organizations and will Gift Back part of the Proceeds to the U.S Vets & The Veterans Movement. 


The Hawaii Motorcycle Rally & Bagger Show will be a family fun event that will have these elements in the event but not limited to the following:  Opening of show - Bike Blessing, Moment of Silence for the Fallen, Guest Speakers to speak about motorcycle safety & Awareness, Hawaii Local Vendors that will sell their unique products & services.


Also, part of the Proceeds will be Gifted Back to another non-profit organization The Veterans Movement & The U.S. Vets. There will be Live Music entertainment, Food Vendors, a Kid Zone, Celebrity Guest Appearance, Beer Garden, Bikini Contest, Tattoo Contest, Biker Babe Contest, Biker Sound Competition & of course the Bike Show with 8 different...


Bike Classes:

Bagger | Chopper | Cruiser | Sport | Racer Café | Bobber | Classic | Everyday Rider


Support Hawaii’s Motorcycle Rally & Bagger Show to promote “Motorcycle Safety & Motorcycle Awareness” through education, enforcement and outreach to the community and defensive rider & driver tips that will surely educate the general public and to reduce not just motor vehicle accidents, but also Motorcycle Accidents help keep our love ones safe on Hawaii’s road ways.




Javen B. Guzon