Vendors, here are nineteen basic ideas that can be used singly or combined in any number of ways that will help you achieve marketing success at Hawaii's Motorcycle Rally & Bagger Show. Once you have pursued all the combinations you will have 101 cross-promotion ideas that work.


  • BOUNCEBACKS – Using something at the event to bring the customer back to the store. For example, bring your ticket to XYZ store and redeem for your product. Or, at some time during the event, give the customer a coupon that is a special offering and is redeemable after the event. It literally “bounces the customer back” to the retail store and allows the product sponsor to measure the sales effectiveness of his0hers sponsorship as well as the retail store’s ability to do the same.


  • Buy One, Get One Free (BOGO) – Taken alone, this is a product sale enticement. If combined with one of the other element of the sales promotion mixed with any other promotional ideas listed it can not only increase product sales but also tie-in with your event sponsorship. For example, as a part of the BOGO promotion you receive a sweepstakes entry form for a free trip, free tickets, etc. (Whatever you wish)


  • Contest/Sweepstakes – These can be unlimited! You can have registration at the point-of-sale at the event, even through email or direct mail. One word of caution – don’t undertake a contest without consulting a lawyer since each state has very specific rules about entry requirements, probability of winning clauses, etc.


  • Coupons - These can be either pre-event or at the event. If they are distributed through a retail facility, they can be used to promote your sponsorship before an event, and hopefully to drive additional traffic to the event. In fact, the coupon could be distributed through your retail partner and used for event admission discounts. Or, coupons can be distributed at the event to drive sales after the event.


  • * Database Development – As more companies get involved in marketing directly to their customers, take advantage of generating a list of your customers’ names. Have a booth at your event where people can participate in a survey, enter a contest or just register to win with hourly drawings at the event.


  • Discounted Sales - Taken alone, they’re a way to drive into a store. Combined with a coupon or bounce-back, they are ways to reward an event attendee with additional “bonus” for attending the event. Then, combine it with a “register to win” promotion and you not only measure the results of attendance at your sponsored event but also generate names for your database.


  • Free Standing Inserts (FSIs) – These can combine coupons, register to win sweepstakes, contest, etc. They are the four-color advertising-only inserts that are so prevalent in your favorite Sunday paper or any publication.


  • Hang Tags – Literally, tags that hang off the product. These can be used with soft goods and foods products, particularly bottled beverages. Again, design the tag like a coupon to drive traffic the event, or an entry form to win tickets to the event or whatever you want.


  • Internet – The entire cyberspace concept is wide open for sales promotion ideas. Special offers or discounts, pre-events can be designed as well as additional sponsor/event information that would entice customers to the event as well as encourage them to purchase your product.  Add to this advertisement banners, hyperlinks to sponsors sights and the other range of options and you have a powerful promotion tool.


  • Media Coupons – similar to FSIs, these are coupons that are included in coupon mailings, newspaper and magazines ads, and other print coupon distribution. Again, use them like coupons or bounce-backs to enhance pre- and post-event sales and participation.


  • On-Air-Promotions - Using radio, television, and cable, you can make the same offers as you would with coupons only using the electronic media. Same activity and results as in #10.


  • On-Pack-Promotions – These are special offers on the product package. They can either be cut out or easily peeled off and are similar to coupons and bounce-backs to generate pre-event coverage as well as database development.


  • On-Site Sampling – Use your sponsorship to either sample a new product or introduce consumers to a new product application through sampling. This can be actually tasting a product or giving a demonstration. Combine this with bounce-backs and/or a register to win promotion and you have additional sales as well as development of a potential customer database.


  • Phone Cards – Pre-paid phone can be distributed at the event – with sponsor’s name clearly in evidence – and used to drive customers back to the sponsor’s place of business in order to get their pin code activated. Or they can be distributed before the event with the requirement that the consumer attend the event to get their specific code activated.


  • Point-of-Purchase Tie-Ins – These can consist of coupons at the checkout counter, on shelf promotions, end cap displays with ‘take ones” etc. Again combine with some of the other sales promotion ideas to enhance results.


  • Point-of-Purchase Promotions – These can include product sampling with coupons, point-of-sale promotions, contest, etc. Point-of Purchase can be at your retail partner’s location before the event or at the event itself.


  • Product promotions – These can include on-pack coupons or entry forms, register receipt with UPC codes, or any other form of promotion that is specifically tied to proof of purchase. As with contests, check with your lawyer on the exact wording and application to ensure that you are not violating the law.


  • Product Sales – Very simply, sell your product at the event! This is a viable sponsorship benefit and allows you to add one of the other promotion ideas presented here- coupons, bounce-backs, register to win,, contest –to measure impact and effectiveness.


  • Shelf Talkers/Take-Ones – These are point-of-purchase promotions, usually right where the product is located on the retail shelves, with additional incentive for purchase. Similar to coupons and bounce-backs with similar applications.



Now you have the basics, now let your imagination run wild! Any number of combinations will help you successfully drive product sales, measure effectiveness of your sponsorship investment and even increase event attendance. Good Luck!